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Our meetings are member-led discussion and workshop like sessions, with a goal of creating a hands-on learning experience.

MEETINGS ON HOLD until further notice. Join our e-mail list for updates or to get involved in planning a meeting. You may join the group to get announcements in your email inbox, or you can just visit the group online. It is open to the public.

Note: If you have trouble getting the emails from the mail list click on the email list link above to make sure you have your mailing preferences set to "all mail" and the email address is one you check frequently. If that still does not fix your problem, then check your spam box, and if you see any Crows email in there click "not spam." If that still does not fix your problem, ask for help.

Below is a loose guide of topics for a calendar year. These topics may change with presenter availability and other influences. But this is a general guide so we can cover the wide variety of topics our membership is interested in. As the date approaches we will choose a more specific topic, within the scope of the general topic.

January Goals for the Year
February Reading & Sharing
March Marketing & Discoverability
April Business meeting
May Pitches & Blurbs
June Writing & Editing
July Publishing
August Summer Break/No Session
September News & Sharing
October Social Media & Internet
November Conference Notes
December Party

Upcoming Events